What is Religion

Very fascinating to hear when Sevakji meditates upon the Supreme Consciousness he hears the same voice of Divinity even upon visiting Temple, Gurudwara, Church, or Mosque. Based on these and other spiritual experiences he saw & felt the presence of the same Divine Energy at all religious centers and that the Divine Energy was merely represented according to their ideological beliefs.

One should realize that they never had total control of to which family they would born,  who will be their parents, which immediate belief system they will adopt, etc. Although their past karmas and incomplete tasks do have a direct influence into the whole equation.

Religion is the foundation stepping stone towards Spirituality. Once arrived marituty through religious understanding (beliefs) one should have ignited their inner spirit to connect and receive Divine blessings embracing Blissfulness. However many having been caught in quagmire of religion superiority & differences are unable to utilize this foundational step and become constrained with their abilities to reach their full Blissful potential.

Religion was started by humans as a way to pay gratitude based on their belief systems however Spirituality is always propelled by the Divine force in its purest form that created all galaxies, stars and our very existence. Everything in this unimaginable universe is connected with the Supreme Divine energy. It is for that reason our very own spirit’s essence is also a part of this Divine energy. Hence, to be a Spiritual personality is a true privilege.

    • Are you able to see other religion practitioners as brothers and sisters?
    • Do you often think your religion is the better than others?
    • Do you think God is not formless; God is only in the physical form?
    • Do you see Gods worshipped in all religions different than yours?
    • Do you put religion before your soul?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions than you are religious and not spiritual. To gain spiritual wisdom and understanding from a Spiritual master sign up for this course – Upgrade to Spirituality™