Sevakji’s Message

Sevakji guides everyone towards the path of self-realization and supreme bliss as it is a possibility for every human being to get connected to higher consciousness and grow spiritually rather than dwelling in darkness. He believes in only one religion, “Spirituality”, and spreads the wisdom of experiencing and expressing the unconditional love.

We all know that we owe our existence to the Divine Energy which is proven scientifically & spiritually. However, we need to be continuous aware of this indwelling divinity, as in turn it will restore human dignity and gradually remove many evils and weaknesses from us. Sevakji, with the instructions of Divine, devised a five point formula to guide us to the path of bliss. By following those steps we invite the positive energy into our life and utilize the divine cosmic energy to experience higher levels of success.

The importance of the sacred formula is understood clearly when we go through this particular message of him – “With self-discipline & thoroughly following 5-Steps will bring a gradual transformation and elevation of life. Once a person becomes a realized being all the man-made barriers gets destroyed and merge with the Divine Consciousness as a citizen of this universe. This practical realization that the same God resides in every being establishes the relationship of Divine family hood and that we are the children of the same mother – The Supreme Consciousness.”