Sevakji is a kriya-yogi who has achieved a high level of spiritual insight and is an Awakener™ and a Navgraha Siddha™ (attainment in healing planetary malicious effects) and is in direct communion with the Supreme Divine Energy. He is an enlightened being who spent his first 32 years performing family and social duties (dharma) leading up to his life transformation. His objective is “To spread unconditional love giving emphasis to the universal family-hood and dedication towards universal spiritual awakening to enhance collective consciousness thereby providing the full potential to experience divine love and attain Bliss”.

Through his unique way of mixing Spirituality and Destiny he prescribes life solutions which brings back anyone to the path of success.

Although he was born in a Vaishnava family (worshiping God Krishna), he was always attracted towards God Shiv. And often in his sleep he saw himself sitting on top of the earth meditating and connecting with a bright object (The Divine) that was radiating warmth. Right from his early childhood he had been observing divine experiences with him. He has always been religious but he had been focused in the lifestyle taught by society. There was a time when Sevakji was pushed to extreme limits in his life and he decided to not rest until he received an answer from God (The Supreme Divine Energy). Yes, quite dramatic, but that was when the Divine Energy appeared before him. He was told whatever happened in his life was to purify him and make him walk the path of spirituality, indeed truly a blessing in disguise. The Supreme Divine Energy made him realize the core purpose of his being. It is during these days when Sevakji was blessed by the Supreme Divine Energy with the unveiling of life secrets and experienced communion with Supreme Divine Energy through three Maha-Shaktis – Sri Maha Pratyangira Kaali, Sri Sharabheswar Shivji and Sri Jagadambe Durga. On divine advice, he started his special diet consisting of fruits and liquids and did meditation for sufficient energy intake for a few years. As he was coming out of his tapasya (sort of penance) he was gifted with Tri-Shakti Energies and thereby Tri Shaktipat, Tri Kriya, Tri Meditation, Tri Yog and Tri Vidhya came into being through his own personal experience.