Ommm Program

In ancient Vedic Sanskrit language, Om as we know is referred as AUM. AUM encompasses three distinctive energies – Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh, the Trinity Gods that are pillars of the ancient Vedic culture. AUM can also represents “past, present and future”. The traits of AUM are also found in one of the most common English word, GOD – G-Generator, O-Observer, & D-Destroyer.

Sound of OM –

When you chant OM, the sound of OM starts very low in the diaphragm and travels upward, and as the energy sound vibration ascends upwards it has  uplifting effect. Obviously, the uplifting effect is corresponding to the dedication and duration of Om chanting.


Energy is transferred in an upward motion all the way up to the highest centres of consciousness in the head, enhancing the upward movement from our lower centres of consciousness (chakras) to the higher ones, which is an important part of spiritual practice.