Equilibrium Program – Achieve Balance, Focus & Prosperity™

  • What is Equilibrium Program?

An Equilibrium Program is a 3-days program (3-hours a day) towards achieving balance, focus and prosperity in your life.

  • What is the structure of Equilibrium Program?

The program has been split into daily activities as follows:

Day 1:

    • Introduction
    • About Life – Wisdom, Situations, & Reciprocations
    • About Spirituality – God, Duties, & Deeds
    • Exercise: Experience life out of your comfort zone

Day 2:

    • Kapal-bhati & Light Yoga
    • Flexibility & Stretching Exercise
    • Inspirational Messages
    • Exercise: Group Community Service

Day 3:

    • Stress & Anger Management
    • Crisis Management
    • Reduce & Optimize
    • Exercise: Group Threshold\Change Activity

Life Test: (optional)

  • Are you ready to face Life & create your own destiny?
  • Are you ready to walk away from tears & smile?
  • Are you ready to work harder surrendering to God?

Embrace Positivity?

  • Do you think you have the needed life balance?
  • Do you think you have the needed life focus?
  • Do you think you are satisfied, joyful and ready to prosper?