Bliss Couples™

Bliss Couples – Peace, Love, & Harmony™

Sevakji is neither an advisor nor a counselor, rather he speaks from his heart after he is connected and guided directly by the source, The Supreme Divine Energy. According to the Source, couples in this world are the building blocks of society. Society cannot exist without long term partners.  And they must need to cohesively coexists in peace and harmony so that they can perform their respective duties towards their souls and families and contribute graciously to the world.

Do you feel like something is missing in your marriage (long term relationship)? Have you often wondered how to deepen your relationship with your long term partner?

In today’s society it has been observed that many people are struggling to maintain personal relationships on a long term basis which often leads to discontent and misery. What if there is a way to harmonize personal relationships with little maintenance to healthy and happy relationships?

You don’t need Counseling or Advice. You are much smarter then that; don’t let anyone look down upon you.  We simply need to awake your inner wisdom for you to see all facets about life and negativity. 

When you and your partner enroll in the Bliss Couples program, Sevakji will share the process and guidance given by the Supreme Divine Energy so that your married life becomes enlighten with joy, peace, love and harmony transforming you both into a Bliss Couple. 

For a more serene and thorough experience participate in Bliss Couples Massage program. 

NOTE: Bliss Couples program is a prerequisite for Bliss Bodies Program.