Bliss Couples Massage™

Bliss Couples Massage – Ethical Sensual Massage

Bliss Couples Massage is central to divinely experience that which calms the mind, soothes the body and brings total relaxation and rejuvenation to your complete energy system.  It is not sexual or erotic in nature, rather merely a Sensual experience. The energy exerted is full with unconditional love, compassion and care for a fellow soul considering it as a part of The Supreme Divine Energy.

Therapeutic massages focuses on tissues, muscles and joints. It uses acute pressure to treat stressed, pinched and unaligned areas. Usually regular massage unblocks the flow of blood in restricted areas increasing blood circulation within the affected areas. Although Therapeutic massage helps to improve natural movements of the body, a more streamline and thorough healing can be achieved through Bliss Couples Massage.


In the Bliss Couples Massage process, the giver does not use sexual energy, instead he or she uses their personal Soul’s energy to heal and while their Aura’s energy provides the necessary comfort and care to the receiver. Prior to performing a massage session, the giver must go into a calm Divine state to the tap into unconditional flow of Divine energy prior to radiating it to the receiver.


During Bliss Couples Massages although there is a physical touch it is performed with an unconditional Divine Love mindset (either brotherly or sisterly bond or mate couples) unlike sexual or erotic.