Bliss Bodies™

Bliss Bodies – Pleasures made Divine™

God created this universe by splitting into male and female energies. Without the union of male and female the very existence of this universe will be doubtful. It is the most basic fundamental principle of entire Cosmos and NO species in this world can survive without male\female partners with few exceptions. For humanity to reach the state of ecstasy through sexual energy and achieve Blissfulness the union of the male and female energies NEEDS to be Divine.

Why Bliss Bodies?

All living souls have pleasures in many forms or methods. What separate our pleasures than rest of the animals, mammals, etc.? Only human beings have the higher intellect to make these pleasures divine. It will enrich you with Divine creative and sexual energy.

There shouldn’t be any shame of talking about using your sexual energy towards spirituality. Everyone can empower themselves Spiritually by choosing the tools and methods they feel most comfortable. The worship of Shiv’s Linga (masculine reproductive organ) and Shakti’s Yoni (feminine reproductive organ) has been an integral part of many religious and spiritual belief systems. They worship and practice rituals honoring this Divine Union of Shiv and Shakti in the most truthful Divine form. This worship has been regarded as the highest way to achieve liberation. Both Linga’s and Yoni’s energy centers are present in living beings including human beings. Hence, walking away from this simple truth or not making your sexual experience Divine wouldn’t make sense. It is up to you to either get carried away in lustful approach or experience the sexual divineness through transforming yourself into “Bliss Bodies”. Choose your partners carefully.

Achieve Ecstasy:

Adapting Bliss Bodies philosophy is the best way to express your sexuality with Divine touch. It is the best way to enjoy who you are (man or women) and how to use sensual nature of your body into uplifting your soul towards Blissfulness.

This philosophy enhances your sexual energy by converting lustful aspect into Divine ecstasy – transforming lustful eyes into Divine eyes. We really need to see this world as our brothers and sisters except for those who we chose as our sexual partners. That way you can conserve your sexual energy and share only with special people who can really love and admire your energy. Often many times in the society, doctors like to marry doctors as they believe a doctor partner will understand and cooperate better at all levels. Similarly, divine partners can not only enhance their experience but empower their lifestyles with unlimited Spiritual potential.

Conceive Divinely:

When you about to conceive you need to ask God for a soul who can uplift you both and fulfill God’s divine plan to assist in this world. The sole purpose should be for God while you perform your duty (dharma) to protect, nurture and care. God should be the sole owner and you a caretaker. Whoever follow this philosophy will certainly get their (Bliss Bodies parents) wishes fulfilled. Are you ready to produce a Bliss Bodies Baby?

After the birth of a Bliss Bodies Baby:

The birth of a Bliss Bodies Baby has be to very unique to preserve the Divine elements and to embrace the gift of a pure soul sent by God. There needs to be adequate time given for the baby’s soul to realize new parents and embrace the surrounding. A minimum of 6 months or to a maximum of 1 year needs to be given for the baby’s soul to accept, embrace and be one with new parents. It is very essential to provide & maintain harmonized environment away from any negativity, trauma, bad thoughts & unfriendly situations. And, evil-eyed or jealous personalities should be first and foremost kept away from a newborn baby as they can easily disrupt the newly generated energy field of the baby making the baby vulnerable to sickness, disease and intake of milk & food. For these and many more reasons it is imperative to have the baby always in company of birth parents or grandparents during these initial months. Additionally, no pictures of baby should be shared on social media & outside immediate family members. This segregation of baby during initial months will yield fruitful and stable future providing ample of opportunities to receive healing and nurturing unconditional love from birth parents & immediate family members strengthening their energy field.

Safeguard Energy:

Energies are very personal. And the corresponding private parts radiating these personal energies needs to be protected and enclosed with positive vibrations. In many cultures Gods are often depicted bare-naked as they radiate energies from every part of their body. Unlike Gods we live in a social world where we need to be cognizant of human tendencies and slippery slope of becoming victim of someone’s negative energies. One should always take precautions of not being a recipient of negative energies or waves. Besides Meditation and Energy Healing, the best way to not allow energy penetration is to COVER BODY PARTS as much as you can – chest, back and legs.

Forceful Pleasures:

Forceful pleasures are doors to sins. Even animals seek permissions at the soul level so why can’t we control our desires and be more intellectually sensual?