Bliss Bodies™ Philosophy


  1. Choose your partners carefully.
    1. Be aware you are participating in exchange of energies.
    2. Be wise with whom you will share your sacred private energy.
    3. Ideally limit partners to one or two during lifetime unless unwanted divorce.
  2. Be respectful of their emotions.
    1. Understand every soul is part of God.
    2. Talk to make comfortable & seek permission to awake inner Goddess.
    3. Intension should be to make partner happy.
  3. Be courteous about what they seek.
    1. Never take advantage.
    2. ​Ask for their preference.
    3. Be polite and gracious in approach.
  4. Massage and Stimulate.
    1. Massage body; play soothing music.
    2. Stimulate glands.
    3. Penetrate in various styles.
  5. Divine experience.
    1. Delay the end indefinitely & consume the sexual energy inwards.
    2. On certain days if you can’t delay ejaculation offer it to God.
    3. Offer the entire experience to God.