What is Religion

Religion is the foundation stepping stone towards Spirituality. Once arrived marituty through religious understanding one should really ignite their inner spirit to connect and receive Divine blessings to embrace Blissfulness.

Humanity should realize that they never had total control into which family they were born,  who will be their parents, which immediate dharma will be taught to follow, etc; although their past karmas and incomplete tasks did have a direct influence.

Although it is suppose to ignite the Spiritual flame within every human to realize and connect to the ultimate Divine Energy many get caught in quagmire of religion superiority unable to utilize the very reason of religion.

Religion was started by humans however Spirituality is propelled by the Divine force that created all galaxies, stars and our very existence. Everything in this unimaginable universe is connected with the Supreme Divine energy. It is for that reason our very own spirit’s essence is also a part of this Divine energy.