What is Meditation

Meditation is a tool that awakens the inner consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. Meditation in reality is nothing but a “Key” to open the “door of Supreme consciousness”. However, there are other variables such as Mind, Body and Soul that are attached with this process which prepares the right length and the right grooves of that “Key”.

What can be achieved through Meditation

Meditation can help you become a loving, compassionate, blissful, productive good citizen who enjoys every second of life. This conversion is a loving gift of Grace by the Infinite Consciousness that generates and sustains everything, everywhere. Every human soul has the potential for true mystic experiences, good health, calmness, and the love of life.

However, the ultimate aim of Meditation is always “Self-Realization”.

What is Self-Realization

Self Realization is the state of Contemplation and is the ultimate state of consciousness.

The Webster’s Dictionary defines self-realizationism as: “The ethical theory that the highest good for man consists in realizing or fulfilling himself usually on the assumption that he has certain inborn abilities constituting his real or ideal self.” Webster’s defines self-realization as: “The fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality.”

However, such Dictionary explanations are not really very enlightening for anyone on the spiritual path. This is not really surprising, since the scholarly interpretation of what constitutes the Self is not on the same level as the interpretations of our Philosophers. While dictionaries normally refer to the entire person, the individual, or to a person in his best normal physical and mental condition, Philosophers refer to the Self as pure Consciousness, pure Awareness, pure Beingness, Atman, or even God. Philosophers and ancient civilization scriptures have mentioned the act of self-realization for centuries.

Most of us identify the Self with body and mind and therefore find it difficult to equate God with the Self. Simply equating God with the Self can sound like sacrilege or the product of a megalomaniac. But when the Self is explained as pure Awareness, which means without thought and without individual identification (ego) of any kind, then it is clear that megalomania and sacrilege is not really an option because that would require an ego. Understanding the Self as pure Awareness brings us closer to the understanding of self-realization. If the Self is pure Awareness, then all we have to do to realize the Self is to quiet our thinking. Where there is no thinking, there is no ego. Where there is no ego, there is the Self. After all, we do not really cease to exist when we cease to think.

This condition of being aware of one’s Self reveals one’s own eternal Being. Since God is pure Awareness and our Self is pure Awareness, the two really compare as the water drop compares to the large body of water. Thus, while it is not correct to say the Self is God, it is correct to say that the Self has the same qualities as God and is in no way different. God and the Self can only be understood as omnipresent Awareness.

Where we usually are only conscious of our body and ego and consider ourselves apart from the rest of the universe, with the experience of Contemplation we become conscious of the cosmos and know ourselves to be a part of it and realize our unity with all of it. This is Realization, Cosmic Consciousness. It is our birthright and destiny to know this exquisite state first hand and to enjoy the Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss that is our eternal true nature. Thus the justification in expending whatever energy is necessary to learn to meditate and to begin to make Meditation an important part of our lives.

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